Congratulations to Jasmine Murray!!!!

Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen 2007, Jasmine Murray, made it to Hollywood on American Idol!

Make sure you tune it and support our teens- Jasmine Murray and Ariana Afsar, Miss CA OT 2005.!

Click here to view her audition

Congratulations to Sierra Minott -
Miss FL OT 2005 and Miss Florida 2008
on her Top 5 placement at Miss America!

We are so proud of you!



We just returned from a fun-filled and amazing week at Miss America. Our teens were able to participate in numerous activities throughout the week.

Thank you so much to our teens who performed during the pageant.

Miss North Carolina's Outstanding Teen, Mya Hipps Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen, Julia Rae Schlucter Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen, Sydney Capello
Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen, Joanna Guy Miss America's Outstanding Teen, Taylor Fitch Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen, Haley Ates

On Wednesday night, the girls had the opportunity to wear their beautiful Tony Bowls dresses again

All of our teens performed on Thursday night! They did a fantastic job!

If you would like to order your very own MAOT Crown shirt, click here:

Friday morning, all of our teens and participants were able to take part in the Dolphin Entertainment and MAOT Workshops. They learned everything from what to do at audition to how to present themselves with confidence.

Thank you so much to Dolphin Entertainment for everything they have done for MAOT!

Following the workshop, the teens were treated to a great lunch thanks to DermaWand! Also at the luncheon was Caitlin Brunell, MAOT '08, and Meghan Miller, MAOT '06

Following their luncheon, the teens changed into their “Bling It On” T-shirts and headed to the autograph signing.

After signing hundreds of autographs, our girls had some time to relax so they headed to Hard Rock for dinner!

Saturday was a very busy day for the 8 young ladies selected to be the Fresh Faces of Be...ybf!

Stacey Schieffelin, TV Shopping Personality and founder of ybf (your best friend) Beauty, offered an incredible opportunity to the MAOT Community by issuing a casting call for Fresh Faces to represent her daughters' new cosmetics line, Be...ybf Beauty for tweens and teens. This once in a lifetime opportunity was extended to local, state and national contestants in the Miss America's Outstanding Teen organization, as well as all state and national princesses (ages 7-17). Schieffelin's ybf Beauty line is available on HSN and

All of the Fresh Faces were in Vegas for the official photo shoot!!!! Photos coming soon! Please make sure you check out the next issue of Savvy Magazine to read all about our Fresh Faces!

Teens and CMN

Also on Saturday morning, three of our teens spoke to the Teen Executive Directors about their extraordinary efforts with Children's Miracle Network! Thank you to Miss Wisconsin's OT: Jennifer Dombrowski, Miss South Dakota's OT: Carrie Wintle, and Miss Oregon's OT: JoAnna Adkisson

Collectively, these three young ladies have raised over $25,000 for CMN! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us!

In addition to all of the activities that our teens were able to participate in, several of our national princesses were interviewed during the telecast of Miss America!

To be a part of our princess program, please visit :

Winnwear named official sponsor of Miss America's Outstanding Teen!

All of our 2009 contestants will be wearing Winnwear during their fitness portion of the competition! Thanks Winnwear!

Thank you so much to fourpoints Magazine for becoming an official sponsor of MAOT! Check out their website: 

Local, state and national titleholders, make sure you keep fourpoints informed on all your accomplishments, major appearances and future goals by sending updates and/or photos to Julie Anne at

Also, make sure your subscription is up-to-date as you never know when MAOT will be submitting stories to the magazine on you!!! See you in fourpoints!

Thank you to Regalia Magnificent Apparel for raising money through their December sales! Carry O'Neal and David Lang presented Taylor with a check during Miss America Week!

Thank you so much to Pageantry Magazine for donating a portion of their online sales to MAOT !

Please make sure you enter coupon code MAOT when shopping at their new online fashion boutique! Click her to check it out:

Miss America's Outstanding Teen
and the Pageantry and PromTime
Online Fashion Boutique team up!

It is our distinct honor and pleasure to announce the new Pageantry partnership with the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Program. As the leading magazine for over 30 years in the beauty and modeling industry, Pageantry continues to leverage the strength of its brand in forming alliances beneficial to the industry as a whole.

With the introduction of the newest brand to the Pageantry family, the Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique, the corporation has joined forces with the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Program, a sister event of the recently televised Miss America Organization Pageant in providing much needed scholarship money to deserving young women. As producers of the world's largest on-site photo shoot for both Pageant gowns and Prom dresses, Pageantry is donating a percentage of each sale to the Miss America's Outstanding Teen scholarship fund. In producing the largest fashion showcase in the industry the past 19 years, Pageantry is again leading the industry in promoting not only its fashion and boutique partners, but also addressing the necessity of helping positive programs such as Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

According to Pageantry CEO Carl Dunn, "As the leading publication for the glamour lifestyle industry for over 30 years, it is our pleasure and honor to help support such a viable and rewarding scholarship program. In producing the world's largest on-site photo shoot for both Pageant gowns and Prom Dresses, we now have the ability to provide the dresses directly to the public through our new division, the Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique. Working closely with our major fashion partners as well as several local boutiques to fulfill the orders, a percentage of every sale will be donated to the Miss America's Outstanding Teen scholarship fund. In challenging economic times such as these and with our reputation as the leader in our industry, we are pleased to be able to support and give back to deserving organizations such as Miss America's Outstanding Teen. By simply entering a special promotional code upon checkout, we are able to donate the percentage of each dress sold on a monthly basis to the scholarship fund. The Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique can be visited at:" 

According to MAOT President Kim Parrish: "I am so pleased with the relationship Miss America's Outstanding Teen has with Pageantry magazine. We're incredibly grateful to them for implementing a fundraiser through their Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique which will help contribute to the thousands of dollars in scholarship MAOT distributes each year. I respect Pageantry for being the powerhouse in the industry as well as their willingness to recognize and contribute to a good cause.

As well as donating a percentage of the sales from the Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique, Pageantry has additionally formed alliances with several boutiques across the country to fulfill the necessary shipments. This has provided a win-win opportunity for all industry partners; Pageantry and PromTime, its fashion design partners, fashion boutiques, as well as the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Program.

"We are forever grateful for the support MAOT has received from the leading publication in the pageant industry, Pageantry. I encourage all of our supporters, enthusiasts and fans to check out the Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique and consider purchasing their gowns from this site. Simply by entering the promotional code for MAOT, Pageantry is helping to contribute to the college scholarships of young women this year. We appreciate all Pageantry has done for our scholarship competition."

We would like to thank our current fashion partners for allowing us the opportunity to continue producing the world's largest fashion showcase as well in supporting our efforts to effectively help deserving young women through the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Program in these challenging economic times.

For more information of becoming an exclusive Pageantry partner or in joining our exclusive Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique, please contact the Pageantry and PromTime office directly, 407-260-2262.

All of the photos of our teens at Miss America will soon be available for purchase on Printroom!

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